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About MSK Dance Therapy

Musculoskeletal Dance & Sports Therapy is a unique and individualised approach to injury rehabilitation. Time is taken to fully investigate the cause of all injuries (because the site of pain is rarely where the issue is) and an underlying knowledge of neurodynamics leads the rehabilitation process. Musculoskeletal Dance & Sports Therapy has a refreshing perspective on anatomy and physiology, taking into account the significant differences between the male and  female skeletons and how these differences change movement patterns. While "Dance" is in the name, non-dancers are just as welcome! The therapy is designed for the human body with dancers in mind due to the extra tasks required from their physiology.

About Rebecca

I am driven by my passion for dance. My parents took me to my first dance class at the age of 2 and I haven’t stopped dancing since. I graduated from the Northern Ballet School and fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a professional dancer. Sadly, injury cut short my performing career. What’s even more sad is that my injury was preventable. What isn’t sad though, is that it put me on a thoroughly rewarding path. I fell in love with teaching and sharing my love of dance. That in turn led me to the Philip Cutts Pain Management and Rehabilitation Group whose CPD courses are like no other. Through their guidance and world class expertise I have found a way to help dancers above and beyond the role of a dance teacher and take my love (obsession?) of dance to those who need it most.

Being injured is frustrating, especially when the problem keeps coming back. I am here to tell you that an injury is your bodies way of telling you that what you are doing isn’t quite right and, if treated properly, you can change your movement patterns, eradicate the issue, and become an even stronger dancer. Maybe like me, your injury could have been avoided with a little more knowledge and safer alignment. But look at it this way, now you have the chance to be treated by a Musculoskeletal Dance & Sports Therapist who wants you to be the best that you can be because she is obsessed about dance and gets excited for people who her share her passion!

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