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Modern Ballet Dancers


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Philip Cutts School of Dance & Sports Medicine

Philip Cutts School of Dance and Sports Medicine, with Biomechanical Science is part of the Philip Cutts Rehabilitation Group. A worldwide organisation delivering specialist accredited courses for Dancers, Dance Teachers, Sports Coaches, and Medical Professionals as well as specialist rehabilitation therapy. Running projects, workshops, and live exhibitions held in the UK, USA, Australia, and Europe, they are continuing to gain great support. Through varied education and conference projects, their aim is to tackle head on the problems facing Dance and Sports education, participation, funding, and delivery.

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Fatima's UK Campaign

I am proud to be in partnership with Fatima's Campaign.

Their Mission: We protect and support vulnerable children and young people. We do this by providing practical and emotional care and support. We make sure they're seen, heard, and valued. We campaign to bring lasting improvements to their lives.


Based in Rossendale and Rochdale

This is where Rebecca delivers dance tuition backed by in depth anatomical and physiological knowledge, along with biomechanical precision. This ensures the safety of her students while their technical ability advances.

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Emily Redding

Principal of ER Dance Academy and MSK Dance Therapist - based in Rutland.

ER Dance Academy offers high-quality anatomy and physiology led dance tuition. Our values are simple: community, education, and safety. As a school of Dance and Sports Medicine we are passionate about creating a safe, welcoming space which provides an inclusive, well-rounded dance education. This is backed by our teachers' progressive knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics.

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Kayleigh Sargeant

Principal of New Forest Dance and Sports Clinic - based in New Forest.

We work alongside organisations to create excellence in the world of dance and sports. Teaching with correct anatomical knowledge and biomechanics application, we ensure we are safeguarding students from the go preventing injury from day one.

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Vikki Emberton

The principal of Embers Dance Company and MSK Dance Therapist -based in Leyland. 

Embers Dance Company prides themselves in providing top quality dance training whilst ensuring the safest possible practices. Our ultra-safe policies ensure our dancers bodies are never overstretched so they stay safe and strong for whatever comes their way.

Melissa Bartlett

MSK Health & Nutrition Therapist - based in Essex

Specialising in nutrition, Melissa also uses her experience in dance teaching and training in anatomy and physiology to fully consider the whole body to improve musculoskeletal health. 

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